Friday, October 24, 2008

Project #2 Summary

Assignment #2

Concepts involved:
Graphic resonance
Design Process
Conceptual problem solving

Step 1
In this assignment, you will be in groups of four. Your group will choose one of the following words.

Change, tension, RESoLVE, SERENITY, and ANXIOUS

Each individual is responsible to come up with 20 DIFFERENT ideas and sketch them out in 2 inch squares. The appointed group leader will make sure no two sketches in the group are alike.


Sketches need to posted on white mat board as 2 inch squares. No two sketches can be alike. Please check with your group before Tuesday's class. I've provided a lot of room for creativity. I encourage you to use various media including India Ink, charcoal, water color, pastel, fabric, etc.

Step 2
In the final step, (based on your in-class critique and group critique) develop the best idea using Photoshop. You will present your ideas together on black mat board. As a group, you must research the essence of that idea and communicate it verbally, using no less than 120 words, and no more than 150 words. Your research should be submitted in addition to your illustrations.

For the final critique, each individual will present their final illustration on black mat board.

NOVEMBER 6th - Final Critique